12 Tips on letting your Dublin property

Letting your Dublin property can be a daunting task. With our professional guidance and years of experience, we can be sure your property is presented in the best light possible to earn you a fair rental price for your property.

Here are out top tips on preparing your rental property for letting.

1. Ensure that gardens are landscaped and maintained.

An overgrown or badly maintained garden will make your property look somewhat abandoned and undesirable. A tenant will want to picture themselves or their kids in a neatly maintained garden, and it's an easy one to fix yourself or with the help of our landscaping partners.

2. Check that the roof and gutters are in good condition.

An often overlooked one - checking gutters and downpipes can save lots of headache, and money down the line. Nipping drainage and leakage problems early protects your property from serious damage, especially in wintertime with increased risk of flood and autumn when leaves can clog up drainage.

3. Clear out garage/shed

A huge asset in built-up areas of Dublin, having a garage can be a great help for letting a Dublin property and can even earn you extra rental income - but only of the garage is available for the tenant to use. We can organise a skip or help you get your garage sorted out to make your Dublin property really appeal to tenants. 

4. Check external paintwork

Maintaining external paintwork not only makes the property more inviting for potential tenants but can also help protect your property investment from the elements during the winter months.

5. Get rid of any clutter

Ensuring there is lots of space on view for potential tenants helps them imagine whet they can do with a property to make themselves at home. Having clutter around really breaks this train of thought and makes it harder to attract good tenants to your Dublin rental property.

6. Check carpets and clean or replace

Nothing will age a property as quickly as dirty or old carpeting, and fresh modern carpets can really change the feel of a room. It's another easy fix, we can help arrange a carpet fitter service to update any room in a very short space of time. 

7. Provide curtains

Curtains are another simple and cost effective way to brighten up a room and prepare it for great tenants. It helps good tenants imaging themselves living in your rental property, and is another easily sorted thing.

8. Service all appliances if necessary

Save hassle and cost down the road by maintaining all appliances at the right time - before problems occur. Keeping on top of this keeps your tenants happy too, so there is less likelihood of them being without a washer or dryer for any period of time.

9. Ensure all bathrooms have showers

Easily retrofitted to older houses where baths were more the norm, a good quality shower can add huge value to your rental property. We can liaise with our plumbing partners to get your property retrofitted for showers. 

10. Supply beds/mattresses/bedside lockers/lamps

The Irish rental market sees typically furnished rental properties, so providing the main bedroom furniture can really help get your property leased as soon as possible. We have great furniture partners and can advise on where we will get the best deals for you on decent quality furniture.

11. Ensure black and green bins are available

Waste management is a very important concern for your property. Ensuring you have recycling, organic and landfill bins available helps your tenant remove waste from the property in a timely manner.

12. Check internal paintwork and touch up where necessary

A quick internal touch-up of paintwork can make your rental property look like new and makes it really inviting to a good tenant. Maintaining the paintwork is a great cost-effective measure to keep your property up to date and modern. 


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